Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt

Amazing-Race-SmallBetter than its hit television show counterpart, the Scavenger Hunt is a high-energy team building activity that will have your group engaged and laughing the whole time! Teams are tasked with earning as many points as they can over a period of 1-2 hours, and tasks may include trivia questions, photo challenges and collected objects. Don’t be surprised if you see your team jumping into a human pyramid or dressed in a completely different outfit!

Throughout the race, teams will encounter roadblocks and detours – activities designed to slow them down. At the conclusion of the activity, teams will regroup to display their collected objects and enjoy the awards ceremony – where one team will emerge victorious!

This extremely popular activity can be tailored to any conference center, urban location, corporate campus or other unique venue. We will scout the location to design something special, and company trivia or other customizations can easily be incorporated.

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