Bridge Build

Creativity, problem solving, leadership and effective communication are all key ingredients to success in this popular activity! The task seems simple at first: each sub-group creates a bridge section that is four feet long, four feet wide, and sixteen inches off of the ground. The catch? In the ultimate test, the bridge must be strong enough to sustain the weight of a manned golf cart driven over it.

Smaller groups are expected to align with other, nearby sub-sections of the bridge while adhering to design and time specifications. Visual aesthetics are just as important as structural integrity, as teams are expected to decorate their section of the bridge. This natural way of integrating meeting themes also serves to create a role for those who may not be world-class engineers or builders.

At the end of the one-hour building phase, sections are joined together and teams rally to witness the ultimate test of their work, as the golf cart is driven over the bridge!

Depending on your goals, the conclusion of the session may feature a debrief on the activity. Common themes include project management, goal setting, creating a common vision, and communicating “virtually” with the other adjoining sections.

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