Cocktail Challenge

Cocktail ChallengeTeams will test their mixology and creative prowess in this fun, engaging activity that combines team building with (very low amounts of) alcohol. The fun begins with competitive, tabletop activities where teams earn their “currency” for purchasing ingredients – poker chips, based on how well they do in each activity.

Once the poker chips have been earned, the bar is open – and teams have the chance to peruse the store before purchasing various alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients, including mixers, fruits, sugars, and seasonal decorations.

Our panel of judges will taste-test the drinks and rate them on presentation, creativity, and – most importantly – taste. A winner will be crowned, and teams will have the opportunity to sample each others’ drinks.

For the under-21 and non-drinking crowd, a “Mocktail” option is available – all of the fun and creativity is included, without any of the challenges that come when alcohol is involved.

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