Community Art Project

Community Art ProjectImagine an activity where at the end of two hours, your team has created a professional, high-quality image, worthy of framing and displaying at your company headquarters. Think it can’t be done? Think again! Our in-house artist will work with you to select an image and re-create it on 12-inch canvas squares. Teams will be responsible for painting the squares and mixing the precise colors, all while being supported by our art team.

The catch? Teams will have to communicate and collaborate across departments to ensure that each square lines up with the adjacent ones, because canvas squares cannot leave the table until the unveiling! While the task can be challenging, depending on the image, the result is a rewarding, beautiful product that can be displayed in the office for many years to come.

Worried about the designer dresses and five-piece suits? Don’t be – we will provide aprons, smocks, gloves – even shoe covers – so that participants don’t have to worry about ruining their favorite outfit, and you don’t have to worry about ruining the surprise!

And if you’re just not sure if the colors will line up, or one team decides to paint the ocean green instead of blue, not to worry – we will make sure that our art team provides just enough subtle touch-ups to make the piece really shine.

CONTACT US to find out how we can set up an art project that is right for you and your team!