Raft Build

While no previous rafting experience is required, creativity, project management skills, and design are all key components to our raft building activity. Teams are given an hour to construct the most functional, aerodynamic cardboard raft that they can create, as they will be racing other teams for the fastest time.

At the end of the hour, teams will be racing one another in one of several different ways. Our popular water-based race involves a pool, lake or pond, where one team member will paddle to a buoy and back again, trying to best the other teams for time. Don’t worry – we provide PFDs and a certified lifeguard!

No water? No problem! Our equally popular “Dry Dock” option involves the whole team, as they roll pool noodles under each raft, while one team paddles to the finish line. This hilarious, engaging race is sure to have your team talking for days after the program!

Meeting themes can be easily incorporated into the design and presentation of the raft, and a debrief on the building process can be integrated into the program.

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