School Backpack Donation

Many children around the nation attend school every day without the necessary supplies, and this program is a great way to make an impact, large or small, on a local community. Each team receives a new backpack, designed to be stuffed with different basic supplies, like calculators, rulers, and pencils, as well as “bonus” items, like books and arts and craft supplies.

Teams travel to different activity stations, where they will compete head-to-head with other teams. At the end of each round, teams have the option to select which supplies will go in their backpack, based on how well they did in each activity (don’t worry – there is plenty for everybody!)

At the end of the program, teams have a chance to decorate their backpacks, “top off” any additional supplies, and create cards for their sponsored child, complete with inspiring messages. A beneficiary for the local charity will come and speak, and, depending on the organization and time of day, the beneficiary children may join as well!

This fun, engaging program incorporates just the right amount of friendly competition, while supporting those in the community who need it most. We will take care of coordinating the donation efforts and finding a charity – so that all you need to do is show up, play along in the activities, and put together a stellar backpack to donate to a child in need!

CONTACT US to find out how you can help support a local school or organization in need near you!