Stephanie Sibille

Stephanie-Sibille-HeadshotStephanie Sibille is known, above all else, for her commitment to her projects and a desire to exceed the expectations of others. Since 2006, she has had the opportunity to work with the world’s finest technology, pharmaceutical, banking, and educational institutions alike. Whether she is designing and leading large group programs for audiences of over two hundred, managing all logistics for a nation-wide leadership rollout, or offering some one-on-one coaching in a workshop setting, she thrives on delivering an outstanding client experience to a diverse participant audience.

Her areas of expertise include leading and support large group events, designing and delivering experiential programming, and workshop development and facilitation. She is well-versed in an extensive library of team development programs, as well as the DiSC behavior assessment tool and Belbin Team Roles Inventory. Clients often cite her clear, concise directions, fresh perspective, and lighthearted humor as some of her biggest delivery strengths.

A native French speaker, Stephanie is as passionate about travel as she is about the flawless execution of the programs that she is responsible for, and has lived and traveled abroad extensively. Her experience with other cultures has afforded her a greater level of compassion when working with global clients. To date, she has delivered programs in Canada, China, South Africa, India, and over twenty U.S. states, and presents regularly at industry trade conferences.

When she isn’t working or hopping on a plane, Stephanie can usually be found hanging on the edge of a rock face, hiking up the tallest mountain she can find, or seeking out fresh powder to ski through.