The Matrix

In this fast-paced, completely tabletop-friendly activity, teams are given list of tasks that must be completed in a very finite amount of time. Prioritization and project management are key, as it will be impossible to achieve every task to its maximum potential in the time allotted. Activities may include puzzles, trivia, building challenges, and brain teasers, and points are weighted based on each task.

Teams will also have the ability to move to different team challenge stations throughout the room that are facilitated by one of our staff members. Each activity rewards team performance but can be time-consuming, so time management is key.

Only one team will come out on top, but every individual is sure to find something that they excel at in the myriad of tasks presented. This activity can be done entirely on tabletops in a meeting or conference room, so no extra setup or preparation is required on your end!

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