Coaching and Feedback

In today’s workforce, many managers are placed in leadership roles where they are expected to be active coaches, but few are given effective training in how to perform this task. Our workshop’s six-step model provides managers and those in a leadership role with the tools that they need to be effective coaches in the workplace.

Initially, we spend considerable time learning how to read and understand others, given that different behavioral types respond to feedback differently. We give participants the opportunity to practice various types of coaching conversations, and offer feedback and ways to use these skills in applicable workplace issues. Finally, we have real conversations about how these skills will apply when participants return to the workplace, so that everyone returns with an action plan in place.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

As one of the most popular and comprehensive personality-specific assessment tools that is currently available, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a great resource for intact teams who are truly looking to deepen their understanding of how their colleagues function. An individual’s personal preferences are measured on a continuum, based on four different criteria, which will yield one of sixteen different personality types.

With many trainers, the MBTI assessment ends here but for us, this is just the beginning. A series of interactive exercises, discussion groups, brainstorming sessions and real-time feedback allow participants to gain not only an understanding of what their type means, but how they can utilize this information to better communicate with others.

To truly complete the cycle, one-on-one coaching further helps individuals apply this tool. Due to the complex nature of this assessment, we only recommend MBTI for intact groups who spend a significant amount of time together.

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Mechanics of Motivation

This workshop is specifically designed for managers, but can be applied to any size workforce. We spend some time evaluating how participants’ actions directly affect the performance of their employees and the financial results of their company. Our case studies and real-life scenarios provide powerful tools to better motivate employees, and we explore how different employees’ behavior type affects their motivation style.

We focus on the common fallacies of motivating others and spend time identifying when managers are motivating their staff correctly – or incorrectly.

This workshop is most effective when it is combined with the DISC behavior assessment model. This tool allows managers to better understand their own communication style in relation to their employees’ behavioral patterns.
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DISC Behavioral Assessment

This behavioral assessment is one of the easiest to understand, and just as easy to implement on a daily basis in any workplace environment. The workshop enables the group to gain a better understanding of why individuals behave differently when placed in the same situation, and categorizes these behaviors into a model that encompasses four distinct types.

Participants learn which type they prefer, and spend considerable time dialoguing with others on how to best relate to each type in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on communication do’s and don’ts, as well as what motivates others in the workplace.

Whether you are managing others, interacting with clients, or just starting to navigate your way through the office, this workshop offers powerful tools that can be implemented right away in both your professional and personal life!

DISC can be a half-day, full-day, or multi-day workshop, and has been cited as one of our most impactful tools in every format delivered. This tool pairs particularly well with Zoom [hyperlink], which provides real-time feedback on how different types emerge. One-on-one follow up coaching is available.

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Conflict Management – Thomas-Killman Inventory (TKI)

Conflict is a reality in any workplace, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be managed with the right tools in place. The Thomas Killman Inventory (TKI) breaks this down into five major styles of conflict management. Our workshop will inform participants on when each of these styles is appropriate, and when that style can be detrimental to team performance.

Participants will utilize the assessment to determine which conflict style they use most often, and facilitated discussions and real-life examples will allow individuals to gain a better understanding of others’ styles.

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Influencing Skills

One of the most necessary skills in life, influencing others, can also somehow appear to be one of the most elusive. We understand the importance of influence in the workplace, regardless of your position, and our workshop boils it down to a science.

A six-step, easy-to-remember process is the driving force in this powerful and lively workshop. Each step is not only discussed, but is brought to life with a hands-on example of how to apply it. Examples include diagnosing the world of others, active listening, and body language essentials.

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Belbin Team Roles

This comprehensive behavior assessment examines how participants show up in a team environment, and is ideal for a group that wants an impactful assessment that is immediately applicable. Participants self-identify which team roles are most preferred, and are then given the opportunity to have observers (likely other colleagues) take the assessment on their behalf. The result is a comprehensive 360-degree overview of how individuals see themselves in a team environment, as well as how others see them.

Nine team roles are present in this model, and while participants will discover what their “preferred” roles are, they will also see that there are millions of possible behavioral type combinations, depending on preferences. As a result, Belbin is perfect for individuals who “don’t want to be placed in a box,” and offers an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of each individual’s preferred type.

This assessment is brought to life with activities like Cycle Time [hyperlink] and Zoom [hyperlink], providing real-time examples of different behavioral traits. Additionally, one-on-one coaching sessions are typically paired with this assessment, in order to allow individuals to better understand their Observer Assessments while reconciling any possible discrepancies.

Managing Dispersed and Remote Teams

With exponential improvements in telecommunications over the last decade, businesses have been afforded the opportunity to employ people in remote locations, more so than ever before. Working in a remote team has shifted away from a business anomaly, and is now becoming the norm for many industries of all sizes.

However, the culture of this rapid change in organizational structure has not quite caught up to the technological advances, and with this “new normal” of an infrastructure comes a new set of behaviors, norms and strategies. It is not uncommon for teams to span multiple locations, time zones and cultures, and this workshop addresses all three of these challenges.

Key focal points of this workshop include:

  • Tools that facilitate virtual meetings
  • Cultural differences, and how these can be navigated
  • Establishing trust across long distances
  • Keeping track of long-term projects between team members
  • Coaching others from long-distance


As the name suggests, this workshop can be taught in-person, remotely, or through a combination of both tactics. Contact us to learn about how you and your team (virtual, remote, or in-house) can benefit from this workshop!