Belbin Team Roles

This comprehensive behavior assessment examines how participants show up in a team environment, and is ideal for a group that wants an impactful assessment that is immediately applicable. Participants self-identify which team roles are most preferred, and are then given the opportunity to have observers (likely other colleagues) take the assessment on their behalf. The result is a comprehensive 360-degree overview of how individuals see themselves in a team environment, as well as how others see them.

Behavior Assessment for Team Members

Nine team roles are present in this model, and while participants will discover what their “preferred” roles are, they will also see that there are millions of possible behavioral type combinations, depending on preferences. As a result, Belbin is perfect for individuals who “don’t want to be placed in a box,” and offers an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of each individual’s preferred type.

This assessment is brought to life with activities like Cycle Time and Zoom, providing real-time examples of different behavioral traits. Additionally, one-on-one coaching sessions are typically paired with this assessment, in order to allow individuals to better understand their Observer Assessments while reconciling any possible discrepancies.