Why Us

We know that you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right vendor for your team building event. We also know, firsthand, that there are some great choices out there. Here are just a few of the things that we think make us different:


We are a small, boutique consulting firm with over twenty-five years of industry experience. Our focus is on quality, not volume, and we are proud to say that all of our activities are managed directly by one of the partners. Whether you have a group size of ten or ten thousand, we approach each client with the same care and attention to detail. Our “stay small, deliver big” attitude has allowed us to give our undivided attention to our valued clients.


If there is one thing our company knows, it’s people. The main concern that we hear from clients, again and again, is whether or not the group will engage. While we know that every group is different, we’ve seen it all. The hands-off manager. The vocal “prisoner.” The “been-there-done-that” VP. The nervous intern. The eager new hire. The “too old for this” office manager.

We know these people have concerns, and we understand that they are valid. The difference is, we are trained to look for these people. We validate these concerns, address the issues right off the bat, and deliver in a way that is both accessible and valuable for everyone. The result? It’s not uncommon for people to say “That is the best team building event I’ve ever attended” at the end of a program.

International Presence

In today’s global business environment, cultural fluency is just becoming just as important as effective communication – and the two often go hand-in-hand. As a management team, we have delivered programs in ten countries and counting, across four continents, and regularly find ourselves in Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia. We have delivered programs in over thirty U.S. states to date, and often find ourselves working with largely global teams.

No location is too far, too inaccessible, too big, or too small. We believe that people all over the world deserve the same quality of team development that we have in the states, and we are dedicated to bringing that to your organization in a way that is culturally sensitive and consistent across time zones.

Our Team

We love to have our managing partners on every program, but sometimes we need to call in a little extra help, particularly for our bigger groups. Like us, our staff are experts in human dynamics, specializing in group facilitation and delivering flawless events. Our relationships run deep, and we will never call someone in sight-unseen, even if they are just helping us hand out pens and paper at a large event.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to find out if one of our events is right for you!