Managing Dispersed and Remote Teams

With exponential improvements in telecommunications over the last decade, businesses have been afforded the opportunity to employ people in remote locations, more so than ever before. Working in a remote team has shifted away from a business anomaly, and is now becoming the norm for many industries of all sizes.

However, the culture of this rapid change in organizational structure has not quite caught up to the technological advances, and with this “new normal” of an infrastructure comes a new set of behaviors, norms and strategies. It is not uncommon for teams to span multiple locations, time zones and cultures, and this workshop addresses all three of these challenges.

Key focal points of this workshop include:

Tools that facilitate virtual meetings
Cultural differences, and how these can be navigated
Establishing trust across long distances
Keeping track of long-term projects between team members
Coaching others from long-distance


As the name suggests, this workshop can be taught in-person, remotely, or through a combination of both tactics. Contact us to learn about how you and your team (virtual, remote, or in-house) can benefit from this workshop!