Whether you have one thousand people and one hour, or eight people and eight hours, we have an activity that will fit your needs. Our activities are engaging, accessible, and tailored to fit your meeting goals.

Looking to combine activities? Do you have something in mind that you don’t see here? Contact us to find out how we can create a custom program for you.

Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt
Better than its hit television show counterpart, this high-energy team building activity will have your group engaged and laughing the whole time! Teams are tasked with earning as many points as they can over a period of 1-2 hours, and tasks may include trivia questions, photo challenges and collected objects. Don’t be surprised if you see your team jumping into a human pyramid or dressed in a completely different outfit!

Bike Build
There’s nothing that compares to the joy of getting your first bike as a child, and in this activity, your team has the opportunity to create that joy for those who may not otherwise have it. This activity mixes the best of fun, camaraderie, and giving back where it matters most.

Bottle Rocket Launch
Imagine the excitement that your team will experience as they watch a series of functioning rockets, that they built themselves, get launched in the air! Teams will receive a basic kit, as well as a variety of additional supplies, to build an actual rocket that will be launched at the end of a one-hour building session. Creativity, ingenuity, and an attention to customer service all come into play in this highly engaging activity.

Bridge Build
Creativity, problem solving, leadership and effective communication are all key ingredients to success in this popular activity! The task seems simple at first: each sub-group creates a bridge section that is four feet long, four feet wide, and sixteen inches off of the ground. The catch? In the ultimate test, the bridge must be strong enough to sustain the weight of a manned golf cart driven over it.

Casino Royale
We know that the words “gambling” and “team building” don’t always go together – but in our Casino Royale activity, team performance actually helps each team’s odds! Teams will participate in a number of competitive activities, each of which involves a team performance component and a gambling component, with gambling chips being awarded based on how well each team does.

Catapult Build
This high-energy favorite combines creativity, engineering prowess, and a healthy dose of competition. In this popular, competitive team building activity, groups use various household objects to build a working catapult, strong enough to launch a tennis ball! Points may be awarded for distance launched, the team’s ability to catch the ball, or for creativity in the design.

“Chopped” Chili Challenge
Put your culinary skills to the test in this fun, engaging team building activity – without needing to rent out the kitchen sink (or a kitchen, for that matter). Teams will have an opportunity to shop for various ingredients before creating their best chili, designed to wow a panel of judges.

Cocktail Challenge
Teams will test their mixology and creative prowess in this fun, engaging activity that combines team building with (very low amounts of) alcohol. The fun begins with competitive, tabletop activities where teams earn their “currency” for purchasing ingredients – poker chips, based on how well they do in each activity.

Community Art Project
Imagine an activity where at the end of two hours, your team has created a professional, high-quality image, worthy of framing and displaying at your company headquarters. Think it can’t be done? Think again! Our in-house artist will work with you to select an image and re-create it on 12-inch canvas squares. Teams will be responsible for painting the squares and mixing the precise colors, all while being supported by our art team.

Game Show Night
This engaging, high-tech trivia night is sure to have something for everyone! Teams will receive automated response systems as our high-energy host asks questions in rapid fire succession. Points are awarded for each correct answer, as well as how quickly teams respond.

Go Kart Challenge
This is more than just visiting a race track – teams will be responsible for designing and constructing their own, life-size go kart with high-quality PVC pipes, wheels, and other materials. Guidance is given, but teams are “off to the races” – literally and figuratively – as they create their own unique design.

High Performance Teams
Today’s business environment requires flexibility, quick thinking, and an ability to self-assess and change on the fly. These concepts may be easy to talk about in theory, and we have found a way to bring them to life through our various experiential challenges!

Minute to Win It
Who says that you can’t have fun, right in your office? Our “Minute to Win It” program offers all the fun of competitive games, right in your meeting or conference room! This series of high-energy tabletop activities is sure to have people laughing for days.

Museum Hunt
Perfect for your next urban team building event, the Museum Hunt scavenger hunt combines the best of our Amazing Race, while visiting one of the city’s most iconic museums (past locations have included New York City’s iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Museum of Natural History). Teams will answer museum-specific trivia and complete different tasks, while ultimately trying to solve the elusive cryptex.

Sometimes, the most important goal of a meeting is to get people talking, and our networking seminar is the perfect catalyst. Whether you are bringing together new hires, remote employees, or simply want people who work on the same floor to get to know one another better, we have created the best regimen of icebreakers to get your people talking!

Project Pipeline
This activity encompasses the best of project management, problem solving, cross-departmental communication and leveraging various skills, all with a “WOW” ending to rival some of our most high-energy activities. In this challenge, teams have one hour to use a variety of household and miscellaneous materials to build a section of a “pipeline track” that will be used to transport a marble from the top of a six-foot ladder, to a plastic cup on the ground, located about 85 feet away.

Raft Build
While no previous rafting experience is required, creativity, project management skills, and design are all key components to our raft building activity. Teams are given an hour to construct the most functional, aerodynamic cardboard raft that they can create, as they will be racing other teams for the fastest time.

School Backpack Donation
Many children around the nation attend school every day without the necessary supplies, and this program is a great way to make an impact, large or small, on a local community. Each team receives a new backpack, designed to be stuffed with different basic supplies, like calculators, rulers, and pencils, as well as “bonus” items, like books and arts and craft supplies.

Team Olympics
The best of the Olympics are brought to life as teams compete head-to-head in our various field-day style challenges. While the activities may appear physical, each one designed to reward collaboration, teamwork, and communication. Your all-star athletes will be satisfied, and the less physical members of the group will still feel included.

The Matrix
In this fast-paced, completely tabletop-friendly activity, teams are given list of tasks that must be completed in a very finite amount of time. Prioritization and project management are key, as it will be impossible to achieve every task to its maximum potential in the time allotted. Activities may include puzzles, trivia, building challenges, and brain teasers, and points are weighted based on each task.

The Ultimate Game
If group engagement is your goal, then this is one of the most fun, high-energy team building activities that we know! In this quick, 45-minute activity, your group is broken up into individual teams and travels around a life-sized game board, sending different team members in to roll the dice. This is where the similarities with other game boards ends! All teams are playing at the same time, and are completing various trivia and activities, all while competing for the coveted “Enthusiasm Chips.”