Giving Back

It all started with a crazy question – how do we create a world where everyone has access to the kind of work that we do? We may not have figured out the answer to that question just yet, but we knew from the minute that we started the company that we wanted to do something, however small, to help; thus our Charitable Giving Program.Charitable Giving Program

Charitable Giving Program

We’ve committed to donating a minimum of 5% of our profits to some of our favorite charities. We’ve hand-picked each of them to reflect our core values – organizations that create a healthy learning environment, offer students the abilities to engage in hands-on learning, develop sustainable teaching practices, or get kids into novel, outdoor environments from a young age where they have the opportunity to grow and learn.

A list of charitable partners is coming soon, but in the meantime, click here if you would like become one of our beneficiary partners.