What We Do

By and large, our company and our field specialize in developing people. The word “Team Building” encompasses many connotations (and yes, we know, not all of them are good!) We prefer to divide our expertise into three core competencies. Not only do these areas define what we do, but they help set clear expectations. That way, everyone coming in, new hires and veterans, front line and CEOs, know what they are getting BEFORE we even get started.


Sometimes, the most fun moments in a meeting can also be the most impactful! The value of meetings and events is not just in the content that is delivered, but in the opportunity to connect with colleagues across the organization. So often, this opportunity is squandered if the networking activities are not designed to deliver that outcome.

Whether your goal is thirty minutes of quickfire networking, one hour of straight-up-fun, two hours of charitable activity, or a full day outcome-based program, our menu of activities – often known as team building programs – are designed to maximize engagement, minimize physical limitations, and leave your people smiling, happy, and wanting more.


People and culture are the foundation of the world’s best organizations, and those people need to be fostered. This requires a strong workplace culture, trust within the organization, and yes, training. Our expertise ranges from creativity and innovation, to feedback and communication, to behavior assessments, to leadership development.

While our subject matters are relevant, our methodologies are anything but traditional. Our high-energy trainers receive high marks for keeping the group engaged, and we use various activities and Emotionally Compelling Stimuli (ECS) to provide real-life examples of the subjects we are teaching. We often pair our training with one of our simulation activities.

To learn more about our training arm, you can visit our sister company, Creative Horizons Events, by clicking here.


We know that your training sessions come with certain deliverables, and we also understand that humans learn best when they have the chance to experience something firsthand. Our various experiential exercises and simulations are crafted to drive home your learning objectives in a novel, memorable way. Whether you have a specific challenge around working remotely, some general concerns around trust, or you simply want your team to practice their communication skills, our vast menu of activities will deliver something that meets your needs while exceeding expectations.

If you find that you have an issue that you think is unique to your team, don’t be afraid to ask – we love a challenge! In fact, many of our most popular activities are based on current business issues, and are developed for people just like you.